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Updates from one week without a working computer.

I just watched the new episode of Greys Anatomy. It was soooo awesome!!! Ive been waiting for this since the beginning of the summer holidays. Christina is so cool, she's my favourite character in the whole Tv-Show. I love her awesomnes, hardcoreness and weirdness. I'd love to have a best friend like her.She and Owen are perfect together, they're like the perfect couple (like Mere. and Derek) 

One Piece

So, Oda's holidays are finally over! I can't wait to kow what will happen! It's a pity that ace died, he was soo cool. But now, everyone in the crew can get stronger during two years, and they can can help luffy become the pirate king. I just hope Sanji doesn't become a woman. For those who don't know, Sanji is my number one crush (in the one piece manga...) of course I have other crushes, like Minato, Gaara and Sasori in Naruto, Usui Takumi in K.-wa M.-sama etc. But he is still number one =)


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  1. yeeeeeey cant wait!! ska see dom så fort jag kan!! :d i love grey's!!!!!

  2. Jag gillar ochså christina!! hon är också min favorite ;) <3 hoppas du har det bra! love you, och bye :D