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Neko boys & Cute Manga

Grey's Anatomy

I just watched the new episodes of GA. They're great. But the last one is disgusting. have you seen the warts on the man!! Ewww!

Anyway, I decided on watching the first episode of Grey's. It really bring back memories! I miss George and Izzie! It's so wierd that they don't appear anymore, and I think that those ow shouldn't forget them. I mean... since George died they haven't talked at all about him, or about Izzie. Like they never existed. They lack respect! ^^  I miss them. =(


Chindogu: useful but unusable

Chindōgu is the Japanese art of inventing gadgets that solve everyday problems, but in an entirely impractical way. The word Chindōgu, literally translated, means “weird tool,” and it’s easy to see why.

Funny! ^^


One Piece New Chapter!

The Mugiwara crew gathers today in the Sabaody Archipelago. The Marines know about this but they don't know how strong the crew has become. I love One Piece Forever! <3


Angelina Jolie's children in my old school in Budapest!

I can't believe that her children are actually in my old school in Budapest. Currently the school is full of paparazzis and security guards. It's so cool. I wish I was there to see it. ^_^


Gunslinger Girl

I started watching Gunslinger Girl today. It is a serious anime. It talks about girls that are trained to be killers with no emotions, but deep down in their hearts are looking for acceptance by the ones they love. I haven't seen much, but I already like it. Recomended! ^^


Holidays... Not so cool after all.

I'll just give up the hopes on being with my cousins on Halloween. I had planned on being a cat this year, but unfourtunately I won't be going to Sweden. I'll be stuck in Portugal, alone with my little brother.Oh, and with my father too.  Greeeeaaat...I can't wait to get there.
I'll have so MANY things to do that it's unbloodylievable. An example of what I'll be doing: watching the same films until I know the text by heart.