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One Piece: Two Years Later

I just read the new One Piece Chapter. I was in shock when I saw Luffy's scar on his chest, that Zoro's left eye is gone, that Sanji has a 'beard' (I think he's not my nr one crush any more) that Franky cut his hair, Chopper changed his cute hat, that Nami has long hair and Robin has no bangs and that Brook became a superstar...Usopp? He's still Usopp, with long hair.No just kidding. He became a warrior now.
It's so weird... BUT I LOVE ONE PIECE!!!!! I'm so exited about the next episodes that I can't eve think right. 




I've just been talking to my best friend, and she asked me if I could visit her after x-mas. I really hope I can. I miss you! (a personal message to her ^^)
In a few weeks I will have holidays. I think it's 12 days. My Dad and little brother want to go to portugal and my Mom, my sister and I to Sweden. I really hate it the family separates. But we have our reasons. My grandmother is sick (from my dad's side) and my granfather is sick from my mother's side (he has cancer and it's the worst thing on earth. I'm now officially a Cancer Hater!)I still don't know if  I'm going with my mother or with my father.  I'd prefer going to Sweden because of my cousins and oubviously because of my granddad. I'm not often with him when I'm there but it feels better than being here or in portugal. But if I go to Sweden I feel like I'm letting down my grandmother... But I still want to go to Sweden...


Film Quotes.

Today I'm going to write a quizz. You have to tell me in which film you've heard the quote. Write the answer in the comments below. =)

  1. I didn't start it, It wasn't my fault, and if this were America I would sue!
  2. Here comes the gravy train, Chuu, Chuu...
  3. I have worked for Mr Crabs for many years and always thought that he was a great boss, But now I realized that he's a great, big JERK!
  4. You might have seen a housefly, maybe even a superfly, but I bet you ain't never seen a donkey fly. Ha, ha
  5. Speaking as a completely third party objective with absolutely no personal interest in the matter, I'm not really sure that you and Olivia really mesh well together
  6.  What's going on here?
    Something you wouldn't recognize. It's called love.
That's all for now. Good luck.


Sharing Information

I finally spoke to my best friend who is living in hungary. I always feel so good when I talk with my old classmates. It's like I am right by their side, in the same class, like nothing has changed. Unfortunately... it has.
Listening (more like reading) the so called "love story" of my friend with an 18 year old guy (she is 14 by the way...) is too cool. As long as he doesn't hurt her, I have no problem with him. The fact that I've never met him will make it kind of hard to accuse him or do anythin to him... but at least he is warned. I feel happy for her. She deserves him... I think. =) I miss my whole class back there. I was always longing to leave Hungary. I wanted to leave and now that I'm gone, it feels like the biggest mistake. My school wasn't so bad. After three years in my class I also got used to them. I want to know what their homework was for today, what kind of nailpolish she put on, and the food they ate. Anyway, It's too late to think about that. I'll just have to endure it.
I'm not having a bad time here either, it was just more fun there.
I miss you all. <3


Hurray for Misaki and Usui!

Just watched (and read) the last episodes of Kaichoiu wa Maid sama. They (I mean she) finally accept the fact that they love each other. It was so annoying that Misaki was always insulting Usui. She still does it now, but at least sha admits that she likes Usui. <3 It's getting better an better. Don't miss reading the manga, it's totally another experience. 

Nice hair!

Some scene hair styles that I like...
 My favourite


Japanese Fashhon

I love Japanese fashion! My favourite is lolita fashion. It's so Kawaii.
Check out the foto's:

This is lolita fashion and decora fashion.

School... Can my life start already?!

My class is kinda weird, it's just so hard to talk about anything with them. They seem nice but they don't give you a chance to fit in. I'd like to find a friend here with whom I'd have something to talk about. A lot of them smoke, which is totally new to me. In my old class no one smoked or drank alcohol (exept one person). It's not a big thing for me, because it's their problem,really, It's just... weird? 
Then, the school is weird too. It's like an amateur school who doesn't know what they're doing. They opened 3 years ago, and they don't even have an own building. We are sharing a building with another school, where the kids are even weirder. Teachers are ok I guess, and studying is kinda important, because most of the classes aren't so easy.
Food... The food here is disgusting! 
There, I think I made my point... I hope it will get better soon and that I will find some friends. 
Swedish Classes

I started Swedish classes in the school. We are five in total. It's not som fun, but it is exiting because I've never had Swedish classes altought I am Swedish. For tuesday I have to bring in a book to class and present it to everyone. I don't know what book to take. I read mostly in english, and the only books I've read in swedish are the three books of MILLENIUM. 

Updates from one week without a working computer.

I just watched the new episode of Greys Anatomy. It was soooo awesome!!! Ive been waiting for this since the beginning of the summer holidays. Christina is so cool, she's my favourite character in the whole Tv-Show. I love her awesomnes, hardcoreness and weirdness. I'd love to have a best friend like her.She and Owen are perfect together, they're like the perfect couple (like Mere. and Derek) 

One Piece

So, Oda's holidays are finally over! I can't wait to kow what will happen! It's a pity that ace died, he was soo cool. But now, everyone in the crew can get stronger during two years, and they can can help luffy become the pirate king. I just hope Sanji doesn't become a woman. For those who don't know, Sanji is my number one crush (in the one piece manga...) of course I have other crushes, like Minato, Gaara and Sasori in Naruto, Usui Takumi in K.-wa M.-sama etc. But he is still number one =)



Kaichou-wa maid sama

Usui Usui Usui!!! The coolest guy on earth! I love his personality and he's so cute that it is impossible to say that he isn't the perfect guy. I'd love to have him as a boyfriend, who wouldn't? ^^

Kyaaaaa!!!! sooo cute


So, I just created this blog. In this blog I'm hoping to tell you about my new life, that I just started in a new country with a new language in a new school. I'll be also talking about Animes and Mangas. I'm a great fan of One Piece, Naruto, Naruto Shippuuden, Kaichou-wa Maid-sama etc. I hope it will be fun doing this and that I'll get a lot of readers. ^^