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I've just been talking to my best friend, and she asked me if I could visit her after x-mas. I really hope I can. I miss you! (a personal message to her ^^)
In a few weeks I will have holidays. I think it's 12 days. My Dad and little brother want to go to portugal and my Mom, my sister and I to Sweden. I really hate it the family separates. But we have our reasons. My grandmother is sick (from my dad's side) and my granfather is sick from my mother's side (he has cancer and it's the worst thing on earth. I'm now officially a Cancer Hater!)I still don't know if  I'm going with my mother or with my father.  I'd prefer going to Sweden because of my cousins and oubviously because of my granddad. I'm not often with him when I'm there but it feels better than being here or in portugal. But if I go to Sweden I feel like I'm letting down my grandmother... But I still want to go to Sweden...

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