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I finally spoke to my best friend who is living in hungary. I always feel so good when I talk with my old classmates. It's like I am right by their side, in the same class, like nothing has changed. Unfortunately... it has.
Listening (more like reading) the so called "love story" of my friend with an 18 year old guy (she is 14 by the way...) is too cool. As long as he doesn't hurt her, I have no problem with him. The fact that I've never met him will make it kind of hard to accuse him or do anythin to him... but at least he is warned. I feel happy for her. She deserves him... I think. =) I miss my whole class back there. I was always longing to leave Hungary. I wanted to leave and now that I'm gone, it feels like the biggest mistake. My school wasn't so bad. After three years in my class I also got used to them. I want to know what their homework was for today, what kind of nailpolish she put on, and the food they ate. Anyway, It's too late to think about that. I'll just have to endure it.
I'm not having a bad time here either, it was just more fun there.
I miss you all. <3

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