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School... Can my life start already?!

My class is kinda weird, it's just so hard to talk about anything with them. They seem nice but they don't give you a chance to fit in. I'd like to find a friend here with whom I'd have something to talk about. A lot of them smoke, which is totally new to me. In my old class no one smoked or drank alcohol (exept one person). It's not a big thing for me, because it's their problem,really, It's just... weird? 
Then, the school is weird too. It's like an amateur school who doesn't know what they're doing. They opened 3 years ago, and they don't even have an own building. We are sharing a building with another school, where the kids are even weirder. Teachers are ok I guess, and studying is kinda important, because most of the classes aren't so easy.
Food... The food here is disgusting! 
There, I think I made my point... I hope it will get better soon and that I will find some friends. 
Swedish Classes

I started Swedish classes in the school. We are five in total. It's not som fun, but it is exiting because I've never had Swedish classes altought I am Swedish. For tuesday I have to bring in a book to class and present it to everyone. I don't know what book to take. I read mostly in english, and the only books I've read in swedish are the three books of MILLENIUM. 

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  1. nej va jobbigt :( jag vill att du ska trivas i skolan. Men du har inte så långt kvar i skolan 1 år? 2 år? sen är det over så håll ut ;) fett bra med swedish classes!! har ni en svensk som lärare? yeeeey millenium!! den är fett bra! and you'll do great!! love u man // jessi

  2. haha. a han e svensk, han heter folke... XDD
    nej, jag har 4 år. du har 3... ^^
    <3 kisses